our mission

In mobees, we believe that the greatest success is customer satisfaction. Our mission is to build products and provide services that make our customers happy and make us proud.

We are concentrated on bringing highest value and best quality. Like bees, we are not afraid of hard work, since we know that it is always rewarding once the job is done.

our experience

Mobees team is an interdisciplinary compilation of talents concentrated around telecommunication and IT. We have gathered our experience in designing, delivering, supporting and monetizing numerous services for major brands among mobile and fixed network operators.
We feel especially fluent in protocols and technologies that include:
  • messaging services (RCS, SMS, MMS, USSD, IM, MAP, Diameter)
  • messaging automation (TelcoBots, ChatBots, RichCommunicationBots)
  • core network signalling (SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP)
  • audio and video based services (IVR, Call Completion, VoiceMail, WebRTC)
  • traffic data processing (CDR mining, real-time protocol analysis)
All knowledge mentioned above, we have put into use in designing a versatile automated communication platform mobees BUZZ and its Rich Communication Channel QiK.

mobees background

Years of experience in Telco and IT
Projects completed
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Dialogues handled by BUZZ

BUZZ conversations

Mobees BUZZ handles modern communication with your users in an automated and intelligent way. BUZZ lets you define scenarios through which you'd like to lead your customer using modern multimedia messaging, such as:
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • traditional Short Message (SMS)
  • audio/video channels (IVR, IVVR)
BUZZ performs the most efficient user communication to bring best customer satisfaction as well as help your business better monetize on your customers.

Rich Communication

BUZZ handles wide variety of presentation components to make the conversations more appealing and intuitive for the users. Being fully RCS compliant, BUZZ introduces own extensions to overperform the standardized RCS dialogues. These include:
  • Rich Card with additional space for description and custom styling
  • Rich Card Carousel with own, custom styling
  • Custom Icons, Chips and Chip Carousel
  • Mutlimedia included in conversation, such as audio and video
  • External sources integration within the dialogue

BUZZ Studio

With BUZZ Studio it is easy to design any user scenario, dialogue, interaction or just command to be executed. Sophisticated dialogue trees with:
  • dynamic, multimedia content
  • references to external APIs
  • conditional execution
  • Machine Learning support
provide outstanding solution for service providers, business owners, customer support managers and mobile operators.

Multiple channels

To be sure to always reach your customer in the most attractive and reliable way, BUZZ supports multiple communication channels, such as:
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) with images, animations, audio, video, buttons, integrations with external systems and styling of messages
  • Built-in Enriched Instant Messaging with all RCS features provided by BUZZ
  • traditional IM Chat
  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • regular SMS or MMS communication
  • audio/video communication with SIP IVR and WebRTC technologies
For situations where there are difficulties in communication with subscriber, there is a channel fallback path designed that ensures the information has been delivered to the user.

AI supported solution

Mobees BUZZ is backed by a flexible Machine Learning set of algorithms, helping in better understanding user's communication, as well as constantly learning using conversation history. Thanks to this feature BUZZ
  • leads customer towards quickest solution of the problem
  • is minimizing context changes
  • is minimizing stepping back in conversation
In addition, BUZZ analyzes customer behaviour schemes and helps in communication path optimization, as well as reduction of steps necessary to provide solution to end user.

Configurable Human Fallback

To bring the best quality of communication to users, at certain points of dialogue, human assistance can be provided. BUZZ is equipped with a dedicated Agent Frontend in which specialized consultants can deliver full user satisfaction.

Business Intelligence

BUZZ is equipped with a Dashboard presenting all the data gathered by the system in reporting and statistical presentation, helping in analytics, reporting, better user satisfaction and service monetisation.

BUZZ materials

If you’d like to know more about mobees BUZZ, lets talk, let us know how we can reach you. We would be happy to talk how BUZZ can enrich your business and rise the satisfaction level of your customers.

Career opportunities

Business Intelligence Analyst

We are looking for a Business Intelligence Analyst who will work in the client’s Operational team; he will be an expert on Business Intelligence tools. He will work on the centralized data warehouse (DWH) that stands on shared models, business terms, processes, as well as reporting standards.

Oracle Database developer

The successful candidate will provide Database Developer services for the projects maintained by the Client.
The candidate will contribute to the activities listed below (non exhaustive list):

  • Task 1: design, implementation and maintenance of database layer of multi-tiers applications, development and maintenance of database stored procedures, data analysis, data modeling, and physical database design.
  • Task 2: writing of technical documentation, participation in meetings with project teams.
  • Task 3: assistance with the optimization, deployment and configuration of the database.

IS Support Manager

We are looking for a User Support Manager with specific IT expertise or with specific knowledge in document preparation and with experience in support team management. The ideal candidate should have minimum 6 years of experience in the domain.

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